It is more than an ability to solve problems, in many contexts it can be useful personally and professionally, therefore it is a necessary aptitude to Mauritius Email List develop for anyone.Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading this article!What is computational thinking?

Jeannette M. Wing, a professor in the Department of Computing at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, was one of the first specialists to use the term computational thinking.

He did so by wanting to describe how a computer scientist thinks and how beneficial it is for everyone to think this way.She defined it as follows:”… the thought process involved in formulating a problem and its solutions in such a way that those are represented in a way that they can be brought to an information processing agent.”In other words,

it is the mental process through which a person poses a problem and for its possible solution uses a sequence of instructions executed by a computer, a human or both . That is to say, it applies skills of computing and critical thinking.What are the pillars of computational thinking?Computational thinking has four principles,

which are:1. Decomposition of a problem into smaller phasesIt consists of breaking a complex system or problem into smaller parts so that they are easier to solve.Each small problem will be solved one after another until the complete system is solved.

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