Has it ever happened to you that they ask you why you like something and you don’t know how to answer? You search your mind for justifications, but there doesn’t seem to be a specific reason.And it is that, contrary to what we like to believe, human beings are highly irrational. Or how do you explain those superstitions of “knocking on wood” or avoiding going under a ladder?This is why the most successful brands are those that, in addition to offering an excellent product or service, connect with those deep emotions and motivations that inhabit our unconscious.Today there are tools such as neuromarketing that seek to provide a scientific guide to brands so that they Mexico Phone Number List can make better decisions and get closer to their consumers.What is neuromarketingNeuromarketing is, in short, neuroscience applied to marketing. It seeks to understand behaviors related to brands and the buying process from neural activity .It can be applied in many cases, for example, to evaluate a product before its launch,

to create an accurate pricing strategy or to determine the effectiveness of an advertising piece before it airs.Traditionally, there have been other research methods, such as surveys and focus groups.However, these methods are not always reliable, since there are factors that can influence the answers, such as wanting to please the researcher or trying to give the “correct” answer, instead of the true one.But in the brain there are no secrets. Your mouth may say that you like a product (and possibly you really believe it), but your mind may say the opposite.And it is that in the end, the unconscious is the most powerful force that dominates our behaviors .

In fact, it is estimated that around 95% of purchase decisions are made unconsciously and take around 2.5 seconds , Assuming that our brain acts in a 100% rational way is a big mistake. For this reason, it is not enough to have an excellent offer, you have to know how to sell it.This science aims to identify which areas of the brain are activated in consumer decision-making processes.That is, when there is a purchase action, which also implies the acceptance of a brand or product, the brain behaves in a specific way. It is this behavior, imperceptible to the naked eye, that neuromarketing aims to study and measure.Among its main study objectives, we can mention:Identify the reactions of acceptance (or not) of the consumer in relation to brands, packaging design, products, online platforms and various other aspects; anticipate consumer behavior in purchasing processes.

Neuromarketing captures indicators of neurological, psychological and physiological content, which can range from the electrical activity of the brain to the movement of the muscles of the face, sweat, body language and heartbeat.What are the elements of neuromarketingNext, we present the 7 main discoveries made by neuromarketing studies and that are important when defining your marketing strategy (regardless of the size of your company / business).

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