you are an academic or a professional or Marketing , you must probably be curious when you see the term “Strategic Marketing”. After all, is it really necessary to talk about it? Is marketing, by definition, no longer strategic? It is true, but the apparent pleonasm does not occur by chance . As you well know, Marketing is a very broad concept and the ramifications of the word were created to clarify its principles, functions, tools and, in this specific case, its dimensions.In fact, Strategic Marketing describes the true essence of the area, but only when we define all the phases of the process can we perceive its importance, either as a concept or as an application.In this post, we take all your Armenia Phone Number List doubts on the subject and still separate some tips to put this concept into practice. Are we going to learn more about the subject?How to define Strategic Marketing?In the past, Marketing (also known as marketing or marketing) was predominantly interpreted as a communication accessory.However, this conception has been totally reformulated in recent decades by scholars in the area, especially Philip Kotler , and by the modernization of actions taken by companies in recent years.

Strictly speaking, modern Marketing can be understood as a great process that covers the entire journey of a brand, a product or a service. That is, we think of Marketing from research, discussion and business design to the relationship with the public, sales and loyalty .This means that Marketing and Business Administration are two disciplines that have never been so close and, therefore, their terms are often confused.Strategic Marketing, for example, like Tactical Marketing and Operational Marketing, are excellent examples of this “marriage.” Let’s see it next.Strategic marketingWhen we talk about Strategic Marketing, we are thinking in the medium and long term.

The decisions made here will be the basis of all your actions over a long period of time , which does not mean that your strategy cannot be corrected or updated when necessary.Established definitions should revolve around the primary purpose of the business and it is critical that the actions selected, as well as the goals and timelines, are based on research and consultation with experts.It will be necessary to define the steps and their respective expected results, determine the resources that will be assigned to these activities, the teams and companies responsible and the alternatives to face possible failures or budget cuts.Tactical MarketingTactical Marketing is a branch of Strategic Marketing in which the general guidelines defined above will be detailed and duly organized into sectors.In this phase, Marketing will be divided into different teams such as research, Internet Marketing , monitoring, advertising , press, among others.

Of course we can create strategic planning within each of these areas. A Content Marketing strategy , for example, depends on development, automation, writing and design teams, among others.The scope of the roots of Marketing and its ramifications will depend on the needs of each business, the methodologies adopted and the companies hired. Once the tactical phase of the process is clear, we must think about the operation.Operational MarketingIn a very simplified way, we can think of Operational Marketing as the day-to-day strategy.Finally, we come to the extremities of the processes, that is, the “minor” tasks that must be performed to keep the plan alive and toward the ultimate goals.Keep in mind that Operational Marketing focuses on short-term results and that is its main characteristic.However, when integrated into a large Strategic Marketing process, these short-term operations will contribute, in the background, to the larger goal previously defined.

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