If you are a creative person and are thinking of opening an online store to sell DIY items, buckle up because I just have some ideas to offer you. 

There is nothing better than creating with your own hands, dedicating our time to do something that we are passionate about. If we also manage to make money by creating a real business then there is no reason not to try, right?

If, on the other hand, you and creativity are light years away, don’t despair, because among the Shopify stores there are many DIY merchants from which you can take inspiration.

Why sell handmade items on the internet?

The health crisis we have gone through and which we are still experiencing has upset the balance (and even some lives), has poured into the economy like a predator and devoured it. Many people are looking for a new job, for the possibility of totally reinventing themselves or even just to invent a second job with their passions.

But why be disheartened when we live in an age that offers countless possibilities?

Imagine if this crisis had hit us only a few decades ago, when email address of companies in mauritius what you are doing now, right now (read this article), was practically unthinkable.

And now think about how many opportunities the internet offers us today.

Opening an ecommerce and creating a do-it-yourself business is something within everyone’s reach, with low costs and decent profit margins.

And then there is no better time than today!


Yes but, what to do? What to sell? If you have no ideas on which products to create or are looking for new ones, let’s see together 9 DIY ideas that will surely help you implement your business.

Tips for selling DIY items on the internet


Before tackling our list I want to tell you something that applies to any item or service you have decided to sell.

  • Always remember: “ don’t sell what you can create, rather create what you can sell ”. No, I didn’t say it, it’s a quote from Benjiamin Yoskovitz, author and entrepreneur.
    I didn’t write this aphorism to you because I needed a catchphrase. I did it because I believe it is an absolute truth nowadays.
    All those who want to make sales with their DIY, or any other type of business, must always keep this concept in mind. Try to understand what your customers like and work to please them.
  • Password: niche . Today the market in many fields is truly saturated.
    I will immediately clarify what I mean by an example.
    If you are thinking of doing business by making jewelry, you will have to find your niche: study what is missing on the market, verify that it is a requested (and therefore profitable) product, and only then can you dedicate yourself to it.
    If you just do what someone else is already doing successfully, you won’t be able to break through.
  • Keep the competition in check . It is not about copying but about taking inspiration and checking the market and trends, trying to do better.

Do it yourself, 9 ideas to create items to sell

1. Sell DIY eco-friendly soap


In recent years, our awareness has grown about the damage we are doing to nature with plastic and soaps.

In fact, more and more people decide to avoid plastic, for example by using soaps and detergents on tap. Or there are those who buy soaps made with natural products.

You remember when I told you about niches, right? Creating ecological soaps that do not pollute because made with natural products could be an excellent niche product.

If you’re not feeling particularly creative, don’t worry as no special skills are required in this case. In fact, there are ready-made forms on the market, such as those used to make desserts.

There is a small initial investment to make but then you can reuse them countless times to make a large amount of soaps.

To remedy the lack of creativity or imagination you could devote more attention to packaging and brand.

Also because the customers who buy this type of products are very attentive to details. For example to the packaging: check if it is made with ecological materials, and try to create a truly eco-friendly  brand .

But how to create a soap with natural products? On the internet you will find many tutorials like the one below that you can refer to.

2. Sell DIY candles

Here we go on a great classic but, if you can create something truly personalized and sell it well, it is a sector that can give you a lot of satisfaction . It also does not require special skills.

Also in this case, in fact, there are several molds that you can use to make the most interesting shapes. In some cases these molds also become decorative, such as glass jars etc.

If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, maybe you should change your mind. The candle market is growing, and European production is immediately below American and Asian production. In 2018 there was an increase of 11%, of which only Italy represents 10% of the total production.

Clearly this macro sector has within it numerous niches to which you can dedicate yourself: religious, natural and ecological, birthday, scented candles etc.

To give you an example, I quote here the literary candles of Frostbeard Studio which creates candles with scents that recall the atmosphere created in books.

If you are thinking of trying in this area, I can tell you that it is certainly a very beaten path but you will not lack ideas for selling different and customized products.

Also in this case the packaging is very important.

There are countless types and brands of candles on the market, so you’ll need to do a good job from a packaging and brand perspective to differentiate yourself. Remember that both must be appropriate for the type of niche you have chosen.

3. Printing and decoration of fabrics


These DIY products are easy to make and require no special skills.

In addition, the printing on fabrics can be made on any object, from bibs to hats, from cushions to t-shirts. This allows you to expand your offer and thus embrace a wider range of customers.

Prints or decorations can be made with various techniques. In this example video for printing, transfer paper is used, which can be found in stationery, and the decorations are made with lace that you can easily find in haberdashery.

In this other video , however, the printing on fabric bags and cushions is obtaine by reusing the decorations of simple plastic bags.

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