In fact, dropshipping requires the seller to sell a product that he does not have in stock, the shipment of which to the customer is delegated to the supplier of the good itself.


Dropshipping in Italy: characteristics of the local market

Sounds like an idyllic solution, right? Everyone is happy, there are no risks and you make money by doing what you love to do.

But obviously it’s not that easy, especially in Italy: dropshipping is indeed a very interesting activity, but if you decide to start a shop in this way you need to be extremely aware of:

Pros and cons of (honest) dropshipping

Advantages of dropshipping

As you will have understood dropshipping Italy is very advantageous in several respects:

1. Low start-up costs

Since there is no need to stock, you will not have to buy the goods before you can sell them, saving you the costs not only of the purchase but also of the management of the warehouse itself

You will be able to freely choose how to promote your mobile number list store, which strategies to apply, even the pricing .

3. Creating a dropshipping shop brand

Unlike other formulas, such as affiliate marketing , apparently the sale will be totally in your name: the brand that your customers will see will be yours, the shop from which they will buy yours, the ads they will click on.

In short, you can really create a strong and successful brand .


4. Synergy with the supplier (dropshipper)

If you know how to choose the right suppliers (and we will see how to do it together) you can get a truly win-win collaboration, in which the dropshipper will be happy to ship the goods in your name and let you create your brand, because this will also benefit him. which would otherwise not be able to achieve the same results.

At its best, it is a truly symbiotic relationship.

Risks of dropshipping Italy

As we said, however, we must be honest: there are just as many risks in opening a dropshipping shop in Italy.

1. Lack of control over the product and dropshipping shipments

It is evident that, since you are not the manufacturer, you can only trust what it does and the quality it promises.

Even shipping, customer care and the like will be left to the supplier, leaving you with the hot potato in your hand to manage the customer (and after-sales service) without being able to control the entire supply chain.

This is why it is FUNDAMENTAL to choose suppliers well (we have already said this several times, right?), To establish a relationship of trust with them, to set up computer systems that allow you to synchronize warehouse inventories with the products available in the shop, etc. .

But also try the products and test the shipment before starting the actual sale, and do marketing honestly and without promising things that don’t turn out to be true!

2. Low profit margin with dropshipping

The mark-up that you can apply to the products will obviously not be like that of the manufacturer, otherwise you run the risk of reaching an out-of-market price and not having competitive products. To earn well with dropshipping, therefore, high volumes of business are needed, such that they can allow you to re-enter the management and marketing costs and make a profit.

The good news is that if you find one or more good products, which the supplier sells at an honest price, and which are ideal for a niche market that is struggling to be satisfied, it won’t be hard to hit those volumes!

3. Keep an eye on competitiveness in dropshipping

Dropshipping successfully is a delicate balance of several things. In particular, the ability of the seller to understand what the right products are. How to market them and how to be competitive is important.

Instead, you will have to create a specific. Recognizable brand that sells unique products or otherwise does it with a strong personality. Being a generalist in dropshipping does not pay!

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