Has it ever happened to you to feel lost in relation to your business? You have sat in front of the computer to take an attitude but you did not Norfolk Island Email List know what medium to use, or how to organize your strategy,


or even where to start.If you identify with this situation, I have very good news for you. First of all tell you that you are facing a very common challenge in marketing and second:

in this ebook we will show you the solution to that problem.Have you ever considered the possibility that what is really happening is that you are asking yourself the wrong questions?If you want to exponentially increase your results with marketing,

the main question you should ask yourself is: WHO?In this ebook you will find the answer you need to improve your marketing results. In it we will show you the main secrets to define exactly who your customers are.The three faces of WHOIf we are talking about starting at the beginning, the most important thing is to understand that without the client there is no market.

We are going through the era of Marketing 4.0 in which the customer is the center of all our processes.That is why it is essential, for any venture,

to be very clear about the segmentation techniques to, in this way, guarantee that our marketing efforts reach the right people.If you want to be one step ahead, you must know in detail these three main forms of segmentation:

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