In general, education is a process by which the acquisition of knowledge or skills is promoted. Process that lately has been transforming due to Somalia Email List the variety of knowledge channels that have emerged and continue to emerge, thus complementing the figure of the teacher in the classroom.How many times have you been on YouTube to learn something you didn’t know?

Maybe you are one of those who took an online course to learn something new or maybe you looked for a tutorial to discover something you wanted to know.The way to acquire knowledge is no longer limited to a classroom or studying a book. Today the digital transformation in education brings a more interactive and dynamic way of learning. It is for this reason that the need arises to use new technological resources to accompany this evolution and not become obsolete.

The objective of teaching is not limited to promoting the acquisition of knowledge but also the development of skills necessary for good professional performance.The educational process includes the adaptation of the learners to a new reality, where technology and innovation are the protagonists.All levels of education can benefit from technology to enhance the learning process. It is only necessary to find the most suitable and beneficial resources for each of the stages.With all these changes, digital transformation in education is not just an option, it is also a necessity.The age in which we live requires a diversification of the traditional way of educating and this is manifested with the emergence of distance courses , mobile teaching applications, virtual and augmented reality within the classroom, etc.

These various resources can be used to improve educational methods and today we are going to talk about one in particular: educational software.What is educational software?It is a pedagogical medium whose main objective is to facilitate both the teaching and learning process.It is a computer program that, through a digital platform, collaborates with the process, facilitating the acquisition of knowledge .

With them, any student can consolidate their knowledge in the most diverse areas. From the most practical such as mathematics, for example, to the most theoretical such as geography.Educational software can be used during the classroom, within the school context, or even in a place outside this environment, such as at home, for example.

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