An essential resource for someone who is starting a business or startup is to be able to explain what their project is about in a clear and precise way to capture the attention of investors.However, sometimes you only have seconds to do it and, therefore, it is essential that you know what the Elevator Pitch is and how to do it correctly.In the fast-paced and competitive world we live in, inserted in the era of digital transformation , opportunities pass quickly and you have to know how to take advantage of them.If you are looking for large business investors to Spain Phone Number List put their money in your venture and, thus, direct it towards development and expansion, you cannot miss this content!We will explain what an Elevator Pitch is, what its value is in the corporate scenario and how its structure should be, and we will also show you how to make it.What is an Elevator Pitch?It is a small speech, no longer than 1 minute, where a small but concise presentation of

both you and your business or startup is made to arouse the interest and curiosity of someone who can bring benefits to it.The objective is evident: to show a clear idea of ​​what your business does or does, the value it adds and the opportunities it can generate in the future, to obtain capital , strategic partners or a potential client.However, it is also useful when it comes to networking or job interviews.What is the value of the Elevator Pitch on the corporate stage?

Although this technique is only a “sample” of what you are or is capable of doing your business, it is crucial to enter a universe as competitive as the world of business and the digital transformation of companies.These are some of the scenarios in which an Elevator Pitch can be useful: Show your idea in a chance meetingImagine that you find an important CEO walking with his children in a shopping center or plaza.In this case, you don’t want to be annoying and annoying by stealing his time, but it is a golden opportunity to present your idea to him, right?With a well designed and structured Elevator Pitch you might be able to introduce yourself, show him your business and leave your contact in a matter of less than 1 minute. That way, you won’t take too much time and it could be the start of something very good for both of you.Show up for a job interviewThe same can happen if you find yourself unemployed or need to get a better job.

This technique allows you to make an engaging introduction about your personality and skills in a matter of seconds to gain the attention of interviewers without boring them.Win customersWhen starting a business it is necessary to find clients and / or users.Sometimes businesses are so innovative that not many understand the value they bring and this is where the Elevator Pitch could help you craft a quick and clear pitch about what you offer to get buyers.Incredible, don’t you think? And there are only 3 examples of what developing this skill can help you, since it will be useful in many other scenarios.But what is the correct structure of a Pitch Elevator? Keep reading!What is the structure of the Elevator Pitch?Before starting to put together the speech, it is essential that you are clear about some aspects about your business in order to design its structure. So start by defining this: product or service you offer;type of market to which

it belongs;the buyer persona of your product or service;problem that it solves;business model ;who is behind the venture;competitors ;advantages over the competition;Most common questions that may arise about the company such as: who are you, what do you do, your background, financial history of the business, important clients, among others.Once you have these points well developed, you will be ready to elaborate your Elevator Pitch and be prepared for any questions that those who present your business have.

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