social media advertisingAdvertising campaigns on social networks are important to potentiate communication actions on these platforms and, thus, scale the results.Another important issue: paid media on these channels also help improve the organic performance of your publications.The golden rule to be successful in this strategy is to respect the particularities of each social network.Generic tactics do not work once the profile of the public is different, as well as the language that must be adopted.This article aims to teach the benefits of Panama Phone Number List advertising on social media . For that, we will present the characteristics of the main platforms and give suggestions on what should be considered in the use of advertising on these channels. Join us!Advertising on social networks: how to achieve success?The precision in defining the objectives of the campaign is decisive for the success (or failure) of your strategy.Thus, the first step to have good results is to indicate what the needs of your brand are at that time.

I’m going to detail how to do it:AwarenessIs the idea to make the public aware of the existence of your product or service ? Or maybe. Present your brand? This situation is common for those who are starting a business or for those who need to expand the scope of their communication.ConsiderationThe brand is relatively well known, but has it not presented good results on engagement ? If this is the case, technically, let’s say that the objective of your campaign is to work the consideration of the public .

ConversionIs the goal to improve public response to your CTAs (call to action)? The focus, then, is conversions .Keep in mind that this does not imply sales in themselves or registrations, downloads, shares, in short, the definition of the conversion depends on what to expect with that campaign.A common mistake in digital marketing strategies (and one that is repeated in the planning of advertising on social networks) is falling into the trap that it is possible to “embrace the world”. In other words, achieve several objectives at the same time.Make no mistake, the more segmented the campaign, the better.

Define a priority audience , the one with the greatest potential, and clearly define what to expect in response.When you do it, the results are better in relation to the performance, and it also becomes easier to do the measurement.As we will see in the next topics, the objectives can guide the use of a certain platform. You can see that some networks work better for conversion, while others are more suitable for awareness work.It is obvious that, in this case, we are referring to brands that have a strong presence on all social networks.Now, let’s clarify how this works right away. Check it!

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