If you have an ecommerce you will surely also have created a presence on the social media giant Facebook. If not, now is the right time to do it!

Often, however, juggling paid advertisements, profiles, pages, posts, comments and so on and so forth does nothing but add heaviness to the already considerable workload of entrepreneurs. That’s why Facebook created Facebook Business Manager.

On the other hand, not everyone is enthusiastic about sharing their password or personal data with their collaborators!

Facebook Business Manager: what it is and how it works

Business Manager: what is it? Facebook Business Manager is a tool designed to simplify the life of those who manage company Facebook pages , Instagram profiles, advertisements and payment methods. In practice, if you use social media for marketing and lead generation , the Facebook Manager will be a tool that you will no longer be able to give up.

In practice, it is a platform where you can integrate everything related to your business and your marketing activities on Facebook, from the resources you want to share with your team to external agencies and third-party suppliers.

The Business Manager was born from the need of Facebook new jersey mailing list entrepreneurs and advertisers to separate professional and private life. Before this tool, in fact, it was necessary to connect and share one’s professional profiles, even private ones.


How to use Facebook Manager

At this point you should have a clear idea of ​​all the advantages. That Facebook Business Manager can bring to the management of your ads on Facebook. So you are wondering: yes, but how to use Facebook Business Manager?

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business yet, and you haven’t created one after reading the first paragraph of this article, I don’t know what else you are waiting for!

Add users to your Business Manager account

If you collaborate with other users, thanks to the Business Manager you can add them to your manager via their email address and assign them the role of employees, administrators or partners.

By assigning the employee role, you will be able to choose which accounts and tools they will have access to. They will be able to access all the resources in the Business Manager settings. Moreover, but can only change the ones they have access to.

Administrators will be able to control every part of the Business Manager. Moreover, add or remove people from the employee list, change or even delete the account.

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