Facebook is betting heavily on live video, as are many other social platforms. And it is that these contents that are broadcast in real time, manage to Burkina Faso Email List gather very wide audiences at a given moment, and generate greater engagement than traditional videos (according to Facebook data, live videos are seen up to three times longer than the rest).

But although these videos are very successful at the level of viewings, their appeal is less from the point of view of income: because Facebook Live does not contemplate, for the moment, advertising, and that leaves both Facebook and Facebook without precious income. to the creators of the videos. Something to which the Marck Zuckerberg network has a solution soon.

According to Digiday, there are several editors who have said that Facebook has already assured them that it plans to implement an advertising format and that it will start testing them soon, although they have not given more information about how the ads will be or the specific dates on which they’ll be avalaible.

In any case, the consulted media consider an ad-roll type format unlikely, which is broadcast before the start of the video, but rather they wait for the ads to be broadcast during pauses or moments of less interest during the broadcast. It is, after all, a strategy that has already proven its effectiveness on television, since this is what is usually done in sporting events such as basketball games, or in galas that are broadcast live such as Oscar.

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