There has been a lot of talk lately about the opportunity that messaging apps represent for brands and businesses, and in fact, since the creation last year of the Businesses on Messenger program, which allows online store customers to receive their New Zealand Email Database  tickets or access the customer service via chat, many steps have been taken in that direction.

However, Mark Zuckerberg has always categorically denied the possibility of including ads in these types of services, literally saying that “I don’t think that ads are the right way to monetize messaging.” Now Techcrunch reports that you have probably changed your mind.

And they have had access to a document that Facebook sent to some of the large advertisers where the company’s plans to include ads in Messenger during the second quarter of this year are revealed. Specifically, it is explained that companies will only be able to send promotional messages to those consumers who have previously started a conversation thread with them, and that is why it is recommended that businesses promote this means of communication with customers, so that they have more accounts to send announcements to in the future. At the moment it is not known exactly how these promotional messages will work, nor what type of formats they will be able to execute.

From Facebook they have not wanted to confirm the news to Techcrunch and have simply stated: “We do not comment on rumors or speculation. That said, our goal with Messenger is to create a quality experience that generates engagement for the 800 million users that exist, And that includes assuring them that they are not going to receive spam of any kind. “

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