To be successful in this business, Moreover, you need to be proactive, which means don’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to be the one to reach them.

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And where are your customers? On Facebook and Instagram, probably. Here, Facebook Shop offers you a very useful tool to get there.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Moreover,, with over 1.70 billion users connecting every day for an average of 58.5 minutes.

Facebook Shop: what is it?

Moreover, The social networking giant introduced to us mobile number database help businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic .

It allows you to show your products on the Facebook page and on the Instagram profile in order to offer a native shopping experience (although many opportunities, such as direct check-out through social media, are still the exclusive prerogative of the USA).

Facebook Shop allows you to create custom collections by grouping items in your inventory.Making it easier for customers to discover your products.

Facebook Shop: how does it work? 

Before Facebook Shop, it was possible to use the “Shop” tab on.  The Facebook page and create a kind of showcase.

You companies that were already using the Shop tab on Facebook should be automatically migrated to Facebook Shop. With varying times dictated by the global implementation.


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