Facebook changed our lives and also the way we connect with the world.Being one of USA Phone Number List the most visited sites on the Internet, there is no escape from it. In addition,

it has reached the point that it has become necessary even for all of us to be present in this social network .Not only with a personal profile to connect with your friends, but also with a page for your company,

right?This page, also called Fanpage, is created for a brand and has already become essential in the marketing plan for any company.Don’t know where to start creating your Facebook Fanpage? Come with us, in this guide we are going to tell you everything you need to know!In this post you will find:

What is a Fanpage;Why create a Fanpage and not a profile;How to create a Fanpage;What to post on your Fanpage;How to spread the contents of your Fanpage What is a Fanpage?A Fanpage is a page created especially for brands , companies,

blogs, among others.Unlike a common personal account, it is a space that gathers fans / followers instead of friends , and you can create a community loyal to your company, strengthen the presence and impression that others have of it.

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