Web pages are information dissemination tools with multiple purposes: from providing Dominica Email List knowledge to generating business opportunities . Whatever the purpose of yours,


all of them have in common a language with which they are built: HTML .In this post we will show you that it is not a programming language and it is quite easy to understand. Do not miss this article and learn that building a website is easier than it seems. These are the topics that we will discuss in this post: What is HTML and what is it for?

What are the main elements of HTML? What is the basic structure of a document of this type like? How to create your first code in HTML? What is the relationship between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? What is HTML and what is it for? What is HTML and what is it for? HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language , which translates as Hypertext Markup Language .Despite having a complicated name,

HTML is nothing more than a language used to create web pages through markers ( tags ) and attributes , which define how the content is going to be presented in a web browser. Surely you are wondering at this point: what is a hypertext ? This concept refers to a text with interconnected blocks, which contain words, images, sounds, tables and other elements. In addition, they can have routes that point to other hypertexts, routes known as hyperlinks , hyperlinks or links.

The creation of HTML is attributed to Tim Berners-Lee , one of the inventors of the World Wide Web .The idea was to create an environment in which scientists had the possibility to disseminate their research so that their colleagues could consult it with relative ease. Berners-Lee ended up creating HTML as a standard language for creating these documents.

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