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Communication and interaction between the branches of an agency is one of the most important processes for business development, as well as the relationship between clients and employees.For this Saint Lucia Email List communication to be synonymous with positive impacts on marketing , positioning and many other factors, it is essential to take some measures. In addition to holding weekly general meetings, creating a friendly space for employees to get to know each other and using technology as an ally can be excellent options.In this post we will show you, for sure, how to improve communication between the areas of your agency.Take note!Hold regular meetingsCreate a friendly space for communicationUse technology as an allyLet professionals contact youEliminate noise in internal communicationKnow your employees wellHold regular meetingsCommunication is essential in any business, whether by email, phone, chat , social networks, instant messaging applications or other tools.However, nothing beats conversation through personal meetings. Eventually sharing the same space with your team and looking people in the eye is an important practice for the agency.This is one of the first steps on how to improve communication in your workplace and between the branches of the organization.During meetings, in addition to talking about project planning, new strategies and problem solving, it is still a great time for teams to get to know each other, exchange ideas and experiences.

It is essential that the different areas of a company can communicate and work together. Ideally, meetings should be organized at least once a week, even for a few minutes.This process helps bring more harmony to the professional environment and makes it possible for some sectors to still share solutions with others.Create a friendly space for communicationHow better communication in the workplace if the workplace does not have a suitable space for it?In any company, it is critical that managers provide a place for people to meet, exchange ideas, rest, share experiences, and solve problems.Some larger agencies are already creating pleasant spaces for their employees to meet and rest psychologically for a few minutes.There are places that have comfortable sofas, swings, pool tables, video games, among other spaces and amenities.But these spaces don’t have to be so sophisticated. A basic cafeteria is sufficient.Use technology as an allyWith the development of new technologies, it has become much easier to improve communication between all sectors of a company. Studio software, for example, can have your agency create its own workflow .By developing a custom workflow , this process is

more dynamic and efficient. The software allows professionals in different industries to visualize each stage of the creation process and to observe possible delays and setbacks.In addition, through the kanban there is the possibility of showing and exposing unplanned activities, so that they are later viewed by the rest of the team and approved by the administrators.These possibilities facilitate, organize and control the main demands of the company. With this, it is possible to know what each sector is producing, better manage deadlines and time dedicated to activities and improve content planning.By putting these strategies into practice, your agency and its employees will earn much more than an organization. It will increase productivity and improve communication between sectors and customers.The optimization of these processes will make your business develop with much better planning and have a competitive advantage in the market.Studio also provides tools for good financial management, contract management, and reporting.Let professionals contact youIt is not enough to talk and share your experiences with the professionals of your agency: you need to give space for people to share their opinions and comments with you.This will make all employees more confident in

your words and feel more free to share what they think.This openness is very important for the development of the company and to improve communication between different sectors.People need to take into account that the professional environment in which they operate is a place where they can trust each other and share problems and solutions.Eliminate noise in internal communicationThe best way to eliminate noise in the internal communication of a company is through a transparent conversation.Invite your teams from different sectors to meetings and have everyone share the problems they face in a professional way.This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings. In addition to personal meetings, another way to eliminate noise in internal communication is through channels such as email marketing, information on the results achieved displayed on the corporate website or blog, and groups in instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp.Know your employees wellIn today’s business world, it is critical that managers know their employees and their needs.This will allow them to identify the best way to communicate with people and consequently encourage greater productivity.Through this knowledge, it is possible to approach groups from different sectors of the company and use accessible and personalized communication.Some people are more open about formality, while others prefer friendlier conversations or face-to-face meetings. The advice is to understand the profile of the professionals and group

the teams in the right way.Improving communication is a fundamental step in developing a business. In addition to optimizing the processes within your agency, this improvement will make teams increasingly integrated with each other and, with this, productivity only tends to increase.For a good integration between the different sectors, it is important to hold meetings, use technology as an ally, create friendly professional spaces, get to know your employees well, among other factors.So, did you understand how to improve communication in your workplace? And, since fostering collaborative work is one of your goals, learn more about our Studio platform and how it will help you achieve it!

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