With the modernization of the market, especially through internet sales, the way of Swaziland Email List doing business has changed.


The use of social networks and the emergence of the concept of “digital influencer” are fashionable and can help you increase your leads and, consequently, your sales.Next,

we will clarify some basic concepts that you have to master to know how to use this Marketing strategy correctly , in addition to that, we will teach you the importance and how to recognize an influencer.Shall we start?What is a Digital Influencer?First, it is necessary to clarify the concept of “Influencer”.

The English word refers to the person who has the power to influence people, that is, he has the ability to provoke reaction and / or build opinions . The digital influencer does all that, but on the internet.So, we can say that the Influencer can help you sell your product, or promote your company  service.

That’s because if the influencer tells their contacts that they know and approve of your product , your leads will increase and, consequently, your sales .Learn about the concept of Influence Marketing here as well .

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