Focus Group is a market research method that has the function of analyzing and capturing feedback on products, services and marketing campaigns of  Trinidad and Tobago Email List a company. It usually brings together 5 to 10 people and always has a moderator who leads the exchange of ideas.


Focus group meetings can last between thirty minutes and an hour and a half.The role of the moderator is to list the questions and share them with the group so that everyone can answer. The number of questions can vary from 10 to 15, the main purpose being that each participant express their ideas and opinions.Group participants must be recruited considering points such as their purchase history, demographics, psychographics or consumer behavior . Group members usually don’t know each other.

To ensure that the maximum number of different ideas or reactions is captured, companies usually maintain several focus groups, often in different physical spaces.As the participants answer the questions, the facilitator and others present observe and make annotations.What are the benefits of the focus group?

To understand the value of focus groups in your business, you must know its three main advantages: They favor the launch of new productsOnce the dialogues occur, they can offer important information for the development of new products or services that really appeal to the target audience ,

which leads to an increase in sales.They are useful for the Rebranding processIf your brand can no longer attract audiences in the same way it did a few years ago, it may be time to tackle rebranding .For these changes to be positive, the responses obtained in the focus group exchanges can guide the best course.Direct Digital Marketing TacticsThe first step of a Digital marketing strategy is the creation of the buyer persona , precisely to reach the desired audience.

In this way, focal conversations can make clear what the public really wants to consume and this data will serve as the basis for your digital marketing tactics.How does a focus group work?Before doing a focus group, it is essential to have a well-structured marketing plan , as this can help to verify if the focus group is going in the right direction.

Once the plan is formulated, it is easier to verify which points need to be adjusted, a matter that is usually addressed in focus groups that often present the stages that we will mention below: 1. Definition of the problemLike the sales funnel , the focus group originates from a problem. Therefore, try to check which one you need to solve about creating a focus group.

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