Few words are needed to present one of the most popular consoles of recent times. Launched by the Sony Computer Entertainment Cyprus Email List company on December 3, 1994 in Japan, PlayStation alone has become a powerful brand linked to the world of leisure and entertainment.

The first version of the PlayStation exceeded one hundred million consoles sold. Nine years after its launch, your PS4 is considered the most successful game console in terms of both sales and popularity.

However, if there is something that also characterizes PlayStation , it is its continuous commitment to advertising and all kinds of marketing actions related to its news and launches. Practically from its inception, PlayStation has been considered one of the great advertisers within the advertising industry. Not without controversy, many of its display ads have generated great expectation and the occasional debate.

Despite this, over the past few years, the direction of PlayStation’s ad campaigns have turned the tide towards new experience advertising, giving their commercials and spots a genuine and recognizable style packed with stories. As proof of this, we have collected an extensive selection with more than 20 advertisements and commercials that will surely not leave you indifferent. For you players!

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