Are you wondering how to become a freelancer and if it’s really worth it?


The general conception is that the freelancer is in control of himself. However, he manages his clients, his time and his money independently. In short, a lone knight riding proudly towards the horizon.

Freelance work: how it works


The term freelance is use to indicate a self-employed person, with a VAT number. However, who offers his service to various clients, agencies or organizations.

But what does “freelance” mean? The term derives from the way in which the mercenaries were call, or freelance which translate means free lance or independent lance. Basically soldiers who made their spear (and the ability to use it) available to anyone willing to pay them.

In short, just as once mercenaries were hire as their skills in battle, so modern freelancers enter the field to support companies and organizations for specific and highly specialize tasks, lending their spear (pen, brain, expertise, etc. ) for an activity that is outsourced or for the resolution of a problem.

But how does freelance work work then?

The type of collaboration that is established is very simple: you provide your skills and a client pays you to get the job done.

Obviously there are sectors where it is easier to work list of nigeria phone numbers as a freelancer, for example the world of online communication offers a lot of roles that can be carried out by a freelancer, such as copywriter or social media manager .

Freelance work does not only include professions that take place behind a PC though.

For example, another sector very populated by freelancers is that of photographers and videomakers.

The duration of the collaboration that is established between the freelance and the client can vary according to the needs of the latter and the work that takes place.

Advantages of working as a freelancer


If you decide to work as a freelancer it is because entering this way there are many difficulties, but also numerous advantages. And for some people, the latter are worth it all.

The main advantages of freelance work are as follows:

Flexible hours in freelance jobs 

The first advantage that all freelancers pursue is that of “temporal” freedom.

In fact, at least ideally, you will be the one to choose how to organize your work in total autonomy and managing your days.

This advantage must be managed very well, in fact as a freelance having no schedules and constraints you will have to know how to organize your time very well.

Not being held at office hours, at least in most cases, you will not have anyone who imposes rules on you and you will have to be good at organizing your day in order to maximize your productivity , and consequently the free time available. .

From personal experience, when I work as a freelance I am much more productive and usually 6 hours of self-employment correspond to 8 hours of work in the office, because I have no colleagues or various distractions and I can keep my concentration to the maximum.

It goes without saying, however, that there can be distractions even if you work from home .

You can earn more

Let’s face it: with freelance jobs you can earn a lot, much more than with employees. Or at least, theoretically this is how it should be.

As a freelancer, your goal will be to target companies you like but are also willing to pay you well.

It would not make sense, from an economic point of view. However, to earn as much as an employee but without all the advantages that those. Who are hire in the company have (and we will talk about this shortly).

Furthermore, companies many times prefer to pay a freelancer something more than to hire an employee.

Let’s say there is a web agency that is developing a website for a client.

Here, in this case it is certainly more convenient for the company to hire. However, a freelance programmer for the duration of the project. Rather than hiring an internal resource. However, then having to fire him at the end of the project.

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