Editor’s note: Valentina Giraldo is responsible for Rock Content’s Internationalization strategy. Our blog editor for Latin America, takes care of all our acquisition strategy and generating leads .Last year, it generated 800% growth in blog traffic, maintaining a conversion rate of more than 5%.I don’t know if you already know, but Rock Content is working to be an international company: we have an office in Mexico and we are the owners of Lebanon Phone Number List the largest Digital Marketing blog in Latin America : the Rock Content blog in Spanish.This makes me quite proud, since I am the editor-in-chief of the blog. But, I’m not here to talk to you about strategies or international SEO . Although to learn about the subject, you can also know my blog on International Digital Marketing . Today, really, I am going to tell you how I discovered myself in Content Marketing and how my journey was from Colombia to here.If you’re already following the Community blog , the beginning of my story may sound a bit familiar to you. Just like Dimitri Vieira, editor-in-chief of the blog in Portuguese,

I also got to study engineering!However, I guarantee you that the only similarity is the beginning and my path was a little more complicated, because it implies: a change of country;to learn a new language;three races;and a rather unusual requirement for her to be hired.But let me tell you how it all started:Engineering or advertising?When I came out of school, I was very good at numbers, but I also really liked writing. I decided to study Mechanical Engineering and I disappointed several professors who said that I should have done Letters.

But I was also very fond of exact sciences.I even spent time on my weekends in introductory calculus and physics courses, which were offered at public universities.Every Saturday, from 8 to 4, from my 12 to 18 years, I spent my time studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. So she was really good at numbers.I started studying Mechanical Engineering, however a year after studying at the university I still liked attending philosophy and communications events. I always tried to invite my classmates to come with me, but to no avail.Until one day they told me that I needed to understand that engineers shouldn’t appreciate such things. That hurt a lot and led me to reflect a lot, until I came to the following conclusion: “If engineers don’t like philosophy, I don’t want to be an engineer.”I canceled my enrollment and tried to choose a new career: I wanted something like History or Anthropology, but I was quite unsure if it would work.Today, I see that making something work is just a matter of knowing how to apply what you learn.

But, at that time, I ended up opting for something more commercial and applied to the Advertising course .Advertising or Literature? O The two?Even so, he did not want to leave aside subjects such as History, Anthropology and Literature. So, I began to study Literary Studies in the first class that was opened at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, in Medellín, Colombia.The two courses were 5 years long and I managed to finish both in that time. I mean, you can imagine what my social life was like: it wasn’t.Either way, I always felt weird between the two races. I really liked Advertising, but also Literature, theory, criticism, and Latin America.And those two issues are hardly connected: while Advertising is more related to communication, sales and marketing , Literature is much more specific.In this way, I was much more insightful and analytical for a publicist, and much more salesperson than any literature student should be.

So, he really didn’t know which of the two worlds he was a part of.I really liked the literary world, but I wanted to make it more commercial, more useful. If you know the Rock Content company and its work area, it already makes sense that it came to Brazil, don’t you think?

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