If you are a musician this last year has certainly not been one of the best, there is no denying it. Yet, despite the total absence of concerts, the music has not stopped and many artists have turned to the web, learning how to sell music online. 

If the idea of ​​selling online is music to your ears, in this article you will find everything you need to start your business. Why who said that musicians only have to think about notes and lyrics? To move forward, it is also essential to be able to generate a profit. 

Why sell music online

Clearly, the first reason for selling music online is earning potential. Why sell it online? 

While some old-fashioned artists might argue that selling music online is demeaning to the profession, it is a market that is not so much in the future as it is in the present. 

As with many other sectors, in fact, nowadays selling music online and being present on social networks and streaming platforms is essential in order to reach a large audience. Think about it, how many ratings could you ever get if you just performed on the street? 

This is not to say that performing on the street is not an option! Simply, buy business fax list you could record your performance and share it on the web to exponentially increase your fan base. 

Create your own site on Shopify 

The main reason why you should want to create your own site to sell music online is that a personal website will allow you to personalize the offer and really know who your fans are (and above all what they want). 

Plus, by selling your music directly to your fans you will not only avoid paying commissions, but you will also have the freedom to set the price of your music yourself. 

Still not convinced? A website will also give you the ability to create newsletters to keep fans updated on upcoming events or upcoming releases and to sell branded products (which you could create with print on demand services). 

Sell ​​your music on stock sites 

Have you ever thought that your music could be used by someone else as a background for video or other multimedia projects? But how to get to these people? 

The answer is: on stock sites! Just like with image and data databases, there are sites that offer users original music to use for their YouTube videos and projects. These platforms are perfect for selling backing tracks, and if you’re interested you won’t regret it! Of course, you can choose to sell unreleased tracks and cease the rights or not, all based on the price at which you want to sell your tracks. 

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