Most of the brands that have achieved success in today’s markets have been because they have sought much more than loyal customers. The real Lesotho Email Lists secret of its success is that these people come to feel love for your brand, turning them into lovemarks.

Getting your brand to become a lovemark is nothing more than getting your customers’ engagement to reach its maximum expression,

that is, that the link that is achieved between your brand and consumers is such that it exceeds any rationality, including benefits of your products or services.To turn your brand into a lovemark, it is necessary to know your target audience in depth and focus on their needs so that they literally start to feel love for them.In the following article we will explain everything you need to know about this interesting topic and why you should not rest until your brand is a lovemark.

Ahead!What is the concept of lovemark?This concept was defined by the marketing and advertising genius Kevin Roberts, and it is basically a marketing strategy where love and brand come together.A lovemark is a brand that has managed to position itself as the first choice of its target audience,

thanks to the generation of well-established emotional ties that make the loyalty and commitment of its consumers reach the point where they feel love for the brand.According to Kevin Roberts, the link between a brand and the consumer can reach the level of infatuation if the brand manages to develop three elements:

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