Why do they do it? The answer is simple: In order to increase their sales flow, in the specific case of companies, or to improve the level of Kiribati Email Lists approval within the population.


Organizations basically break their ethical codes, as they sell a nice idea of corporate social responsibility to the public , without actually integrating it into their policies and culture.Using this technique will not add value to your brand and, instead, can cause severe image damage and make it difficult to meet the expected objectives.

So, do you want to know more about greenwashing and why you should not fall for the use of this strategy? I recommend that you do not stop reading!How does greenwashing work?You already know that, when explaining what greenwashing is, we can value it as a marketing strategy ,

oriented to attract and retain users or, simply, to build a better perception among society or a market niche in which the values ​​of sustainability and care prevail. environmental.To understand it better, we must introduce them to the two classic ways of carrying out this unfair practice:

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