Inbound Marketing is largely based on content marketing. Generating relevant content for your target audience and making it rank well in search engines can be one of the most effective tactics for attracting good leads , due to its low cost and effectiveness. But, for content on the web to really bring results for your company, it needs to be complete, of high quality and, above all, focused on the pain points of the target audience in question . There is a workflow that we use here at Ploomes to define some guidelines (that is, the subject of the content). It is mainly based on deep understanding of the target audience. From this, some techniques are made to create targeted content. 

Personas and their Purchase Journeys

The persona is nothing more than a more detailed record of information from a target audience. As a personification of the company’s ideal customer . The target audience, according to marketing concepts, is defined through broader factors, such as targeting by age, gender, geographic location and Email Data some behavioral factors. The persona, however, has a greater and more human detail. Many behavioral factors are taken into account, such as goals, challenges, problems and interests. It’s also cool to define a name to identify such a persona. An example persona: “Tião is a 32-year-old man, graduated in technology/information systems. He has been working in the industry sector for 5 years and seeks recognition from his directors, after all, he is responsible for the entire IT operation of the company. 

Email Data

Discovery and Learning

His objective is to guarantee the stability of his work. To live a peaceful life with his family, without major concerns.” Defining your company’s personas will give. You the basis to know what content can reach them, in what formats and vehicles . It is, therefore, the most important step in B2B Fax List defining guidelines (as well as in marketing planning as a whole). b2b digital marketing planning. To define your personas assertively, the most recommended thing is to do a survey. If you already have a customer base, the ideal is to work with them, after all, if they bought your product and were successful with it, it’s because they have the ideal customer profile. If you don’t already have a large enough base to conduct research.

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