what are the google analytics metricsHowever, to do a more complete business study you have to analyze the factors individually and with  Nauru Email List each other.In this article you will learn how to make a specific,


effective and comprehensive analysis for your Digital Marketing strategy , be it a website, blog, online store or social networks, by using the Google Analytics metrics together.

We made the article as dynamic and didactic as possible, separating the different metrics that can be related and explaining the importance of doing so, shall we start?How to link Google Analytics metrics?

The ways of relating the Google Analytics metrics are very extensive and will depend on the focus of attention you have on your platform and its objectives. I will give you clear examples of how these can be combined: Metrics by audienceOnce you have entered Google Analytics,

you will be able to see the AUDIENCE tab on the home screen .Let’s imagine that you have an article publishing website, and you want to analyze the factors and variables, not only individually, but also collectively. For the study, it is necessary to relate the Google

Analytics metrics of interest: Percentage of new users, new sessions and bounce metrics This comparison is really important, since it is the one that will define – in the first instance – if the strategy is having an effect at the user level: new users are, as the name implies, the number of people who visited the site for the first time; new sessions , is the period of time that the user remains within the website, they can be several, for example,

go from one page to another; Bounce rate or bounce rate, are the users who have left your page without even having interacted with it.By relating this trio of metrics, you will be able to know if the content of your page is relevant enough to what your target audience expects of it.That is, you will be able to know if your content marketing strategy is being correctly executed and providing the expected results, in relation to traffic and user retention on your website.Decreasing the bounce rate based on the data collected is what should commonly be assigned as the main task.

The more relevant your content, the more users come to your website, the longer the duration of their stay on the pages and the lower the rate of navigators who leave them without taking any action.Demographic,

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