By downloading e-books and visiting certain posts on the IE blog, the user is already telling the institution what stage of the student’s journey they are in and what doubts they have.With that knowledge, you Sri Lanka Email Database can be able to offer more appropriate solutions to that person in relation to the content, the channel and the most opportune moment to disclose the information.If you want to have a successful institution,

your best ally is a good Content Marketing strategy .Adopted by 79% of the institutions participating in EduTrends research , this strategy generates 2.2 times more visits for those who publish in blogs, 10 times more visits for those who disseminate content on social networks and 7 times more leads for the institutions that produce and publish e-books.Thinking about taking advantage of that opportunity that may be being wasted by your institution, we decided to create this article to show you how the content can help you attract new students.What are the benefits of producing content?

In the case of your institution, the content produced can, in addition to improving your visibility and your authority on the web, attract new visitors and convert them into students.With publications optimized according to SEO techniques , it is easier to achieve the best positions in Google and, consequently, to be clicked. With this simple action, users reach your institution’s blog and generate organic traffic.If in that same blog, you offer an e-book that requires filling out a form with the user’s data to download it, this will be converted into a lead.What do you need to start generating leads?

Do you know what a lead is ? He is a person who, in some way, has an interest in your institution and has the potential to become a student .It is very important to generate leads to improve the acquisition of new students for your institution. That people already have curiosity and you can use to guide them through the funnel of education to the much desired time of registration.There are some important elements that you need to know in order to generate leads for your institution.

These are: Landing PagesIt is simply a web page, also known as a landing page, in which the visitor arrives for a specific purpose. The main objective of the landing page is to generate leads and obtain information from users through mandatory forms in exchange for delivering quality material, thus achieving the conversion of a visitor into a lead.Forms

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