Technology is generating profound digital transformations in various fields of society.Professionals, from the most diverse areas, are daily impacted both by a new form of consumption that empowers customers by giving them a voice in real time, and by innovative tools that improve processes within organizations.All this requires a change in the mindset of professionals and in Ukraine Phone Number List Marketing this reality is even stronger.The digital transformation demand caring professionals, updated, in search of knowledge and digital specializations and analytical thinking aligned technologies of information and intelligence data.If they are not digitally updated in marketing, sales and HR, they will certainly be out of the market.So that you know more about the subject, we have prepared this article in which we will talk about the evolution of the marketer , the challenges faced before the internet and the impact of digital tools. Join us!Traditional Marketing X Digital MarketingBoth marketing styles need to

deliver a consistent product or service so as not to fall short of expectations, both in consumption and user experience, respectively.In both types of Marketing, the professional must monitor the strategy and adjust details and resolve errors. But, outside of that common root, they have very different views.Product vs userClassic (product) Marketing is directly related to the design and execution of the product while Digital Marketing focuses on the user experience.InvestmentThe first involves very high

investments in advertising campaigns , merchandising and, precisely, because it depends on the use of media for the dissemination of the product, the strategy has to be, from the beginning, very well thought out.While Digital Marketing is famous for reducing costs by using organic positioning to promote the company.GatheringThe retailer, especially, needs a lot of investment in media, because it is useless to spend a very high value if the company does not have a stock of products adequate to the demand it is going to generate.The strategy must be directly aligned with the consumption habits of each audience to which the product is directed so as not to interfere with the Marketing Mix as a whole: price, place and promotion.

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