Colors play a very important psychological role. In advertising and marketing , they are used to reassure, stimulate, sell and call consumers to South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email Lists action.In this way, the main objective of the colors in advertising is to awaken sensations,

exerting attraction and influencing their purchasing decisions.It is important to remember that advertising does not make sales directly, but seeks to create a stimulus for the customer to reach the product or service effectively.

To create a campaign suited to a client’s objectives, the advertising agency must undertake a comprehensive study on the images, messages and colors that should be used.How do colors influence advertising?

The relationship between colors and humanity continues to develop continuously.This happens because, even before studies were made with the aim of verifying the power of colors in human behavior, each tone was already responsible for guiding our emotions in one way or another.Through the centuries,

this relationship has become even stronger to the point that scholars have come to the conclusion that it is possible to use colors in advertising and obtain better results in marketing campaigns.By using the right colors , it is possible to convey a message more effectively. Those colors can even lead consumers to make or stop a purchase.

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