Changes to consumer lifestyles and the continued digitisation of commerce. And entertainment have made a major impact on social media since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this regularly updated stats roundup. Gleichzeitig, we include figures on ad spend, platform usage and consumer behaviour. To help add some context to social media trends.

Global ad spend on Facebook and Instagram grew 43% year-on-year in Q3 2021

The report notes that if this trend continues. Moreover, marketers will likely spend record amounts during the fourth quarter of this year. A three-month period which historically sees. The highest investment in social advertising in the lead up to the holidays.

These latest spending figures sit well above the rate of investment seen before the pandemic in 2019. In the third quarter of 2019, spend by advertisers reached nearly $600 million in total. While some of this investment can be attributeto a bounce-back for the advertising sector in the wake of COVID-19. Furthermore, it points to a rapie shift toward social-first strategy that would likely have occurred regardless.


TikTok expected to surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022

Predictions from App Annie’s 2022 Mobile Forecast Report suggest. Furthermore, TikTok could surpass 1.5 billion monthly active users next year as interest in the app remains heightened in the wake of the pandemic. According to data, TikTok has been one of the fastest growing social apps of all time. Furthermore, set to reach the lofty figure in as little as 34 quarters since launch. Much of this, of course, has been driven by increased and consistent. Furthermore, engagement throughout the confines of home during consecutive coronavirus lockdowns worldwide.

In 2021, TikTok has grown at a much faster rate than its closest rivals, even though it was banned in one of its largest markets – India – partway through the previous year. “TikTok will continue as a disruptive and genre-blending force in 2022 as they expand their investment in shopping,” the report states. While other apps like Instagram are also focusing on social commerce, TikTok’s rapidly growing audience may prove to be an advantage that others can’t match.

Sixty percent of US B2B marketers now use Instagram, up from 30% in 2020

A summer 2021 report from US advertising agency SageFrog has found sixty percent of B2B marketers in the region now use Instagram as part of their marketing mix. This figure is up from just 30% reported mid-way through 2020, demonstrating the power social media advertising, particularly that which is image and video-based, has had throughout the pandemic. As remote work and business continues, it is evident B2B brands are investing in Instagram and other (perhaps typically neglected) social platforms to connect with their employees and potential customers in new and creative ways.

Social CPM grew 41% year-on-year in Q2 2021

Data from Skai reveals global social CPM grew 41% year-on-year in Q2 2021 to an average of $6.37, after an equally large uptick in social advertising spend from brands. This is one of the highest costs per thousand impressions recorded in the last year, second only to 2020’s Q4 which reached $6.77.

Total social ad spend rose 41% on the same canada email list quarter a year before – the most badly-affected period throughout the pandemic – but increased just 3% on a quarter-on-quarter basis. Meanwhile, ad spend on campaigns designed to grow brand awareness, traffic and reach shot up 114%, driven by a 62% increase in CPM, demonstrating a shift away from campaigns that target direct action from consumers. Skai posits this new trend could have been largely cause by the introduction of iOS 14.5, which has made it much more difficult for marketers to successfully serve iOS users with targeted ads.

Growth rate of Facebook MAUs and ad revenue continues to slow as life returns to ‘normal’

Facebook’s Q3 2021 financial statement shows the growth rate of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) on Facebook continues to slow. Furthermore, rising just 6% on the same period the year before to hit 2.9 billion. This marks the third consecutive quarter of decline for the metric. Following a boost to engagement during the first wave of the pandemic in spring and summer 2020.

Family Monthly Active People (MAP) grew 12% year-on-year. Furthermore, matching the rate of growth reported a quarter earlier in Q2 2021. And indicating engagement remains stable across Facebook’s wider offering of social and messaging apps.

Pinterest now sees more than 5 billion searches every month on its platform

In a May 2021 blog post, SVP Products at Pinterest. Furthermore, Naveen Gavini revealed that the social app now sees more than 5 billion searches on its platform every month. Spurred on by an increase in activity throughout the pandemic.


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