Brands are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with consumers when they are viewing their ads. Television has seen advertisements lose interest among viewers possibly since the remote control was Hong Kong Email List invented. Long advertising breaks have always been the time to get up and do whatever else has to be done at home, to talk to others or simply to zap to see what is being broadcast on another channel while the advertisements. Add to this that the passage of time has made distraction easier than ever and has added new layers and new elements to the list of issues that make consumers spend less time on ads.

But the truth is that not only television has seen how its viewers pay less and less attention to advertisements: in a world in which there are more and more stimuli and in one in which more and more commercial messages are received, brands They have to fight against a more and more complex environment in which there is no choice but to fine tune what is said – wherever it may be – for the message to triumph. It is what explains the big data boom and the reasons why brands are relying more and more on information to design what they are doing and saying. Thanks to the data, they know what the receivers want to hear and when they want to hear it, which makes them much more efficient.

It is not the only remedy they use. Brands have understood that consumers have changed and that the elements that have become crucial when it comes to contacting them are now different. Consumers want to establish emotional ties with brands and want to feel things for the items they consume.

To this is added that emotions are increasingly valuable elements and that they have a much higher impact on engagement than other factors. You just have to see what happens with virals: what causes content to be shared are emotions, which function as an element that enhances the connection between consumers and brands and that makes messages sink to much deeper levels.

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