Today most large and small brands have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, in order to provide positive, high-impact solutions inside and outside their company.Many of these initiatives are focused on the areas of education , environment, social, Brazil WhatsApp Number List gender equality, construction of sustainable cities, and even on the integral development of the corporate employees themselves.Any CSR proposal is also considered as a business model, since it entails great investment and strategic planning at an operational, financial, regulatory and even a communication level, precisely in digital marketing .In the next post we want to share with you a series of tactics on how to place and make a Corporate Responsibility campaign successful in the digital world.Three media that will boost your initiativesWeb, digital advertising and social networks. You must have these three channels, that is, well managed and under a clearly defined strategy in terms of results, audience differentiation and quality of content and design.Web is the cover letter.


It is considered as a mandatory necessity.These are platforms that allow us to clearly and comprehensively inform our programs, how to involve people to be part of them, and to share results (transparency is very important in CSR since it generates reliability and solidity.) In the technical part, it is emphasized that websites must be visually attractive, accompanied by a meaningful user experience , plus a simple, direct and easy-to-remember domain.At the Digital Standard level , this medium must also be drawn up with the project’s objectives, both in the short, medium and short term. This is important as it allows you to organize budgets.

For example, a brand that promotes reforestation campaigns, if its first audience objective is to target people interested in volunteering, that will be its end.As a second target , if the objective is to be able to grow the project at the level of alliances, the announcements will be directed to people from the executive or marketing areas . All guidelines must be thought out intelligently.And in the case of social networks, there are many. Some focused on young people, others that require short messages, there are executive ones and others that bet more on the visual and graphic part. Each one is intended for use and audience.Facebook and Instagram are currently the most popular and the ones that update their applications every time.

Both networks allow the generation and sharing of informative and interactive content.Let’s cite an example. In CSR statistical reports are requested. How to share them on our networks?Many choose to link documents to the official website or to an Issuu-type document reading platform, but why not go for making 30-second clips, where they can be shared weekly on Facebook?It is an easy way of narration and reception for the user.In the case of Instagram, when interventions occur, it is a good opportunity to collect testimonials from people, and they can be shared dynamically on Instagram Stories.

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