If you are looking for information on how to create a brand from scratch, you are probably in one of these two cases: either you are an entrepreneur who has already started a business with a brand that does not satisfy him, or you are at the beginning of your journey and now the time has come to create the brand.


Well let me tell you from the start: building a successful brand is no easy feat. But with the right strategies and a long-term view, it is certainly possible.

In this article I want to give you some advice on. How to approach this path to create a strong brand that lasts over time.

How to create a brand from scratch in two steps

You are probably thinking that at the beginning I told you about a long and difficult path and now I propose to face only two phases.

Attention, I’m not here to offer you anything miraculous like: “lose 30 kilos in 2 days”.

In reality, the steps necessary to open a brand are 6, but the phases into which the entire operation can be divided are 2 because I am convinced that basically these are two large macro areas. But I assure you that everything you need to create your brand is included in each step.

Research phase to create an online brand

The research phase is perhaps the most boring but also canada mobile number list the simplest. Remember when I told you at the beginning that you have to work hard but if you put in the effort you will make it great? Well this is the moment, here it is easy to get lost and give up or to be superficial with the anxiety of hurrying up.

Instead, the research phase must be the one where you are as concentrated, rational and mathematical as possible. It represents the foundation of your brand and you want a solid structure.

How to create a trademark and register it

The official creation of a trademark, or its registration, can only be done on an Italian, European or global level.

Paradoxically, Italy alone is the most complex. While to register a trademark in Europe or in the world you just need to go to the EUIPO website. Moreover, the EU office for intellectual property.

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