This article will explain, step by step, everything you need to create a dropshipping online store with Oberlo and Shopify.

If you want to follow these video tutorials, the first step is definitely to open a dropshipping store. To do this, simply sign up for Shopify – click here for a free 14-day trial – and activate an account on Oberlo.

Once registered, read the article and find out how:

  • Find products to sell online with Oberlo;
  • Change product names, descriptions and prices;
  • Integrate the products you find on Oberlo on your Shopify store;
  • Give your Shopify store the look of a real online store;
  • Fulfill orders once you start making sales.

Well, let’s get started right away.

Step 1: find the products

To set up a dropshipping online store, one of the biggest obstacles entrepreneurs face is finding products to sell.

The first step is to start browsing Oberlo to find the items we want to cfo email database sell. There are tons of different ways to find products to sell online. We can use filters like:

  • Product categories such as Women’s Clothing, Home & Garden, etc.
  • Where the products come from
  • How much do they cost
  • How popular they are
  • Shipping methods available
  • And many more

Here’s how it works, in more detail:

Step 2: Edit the products in the Import List 

The Oberlo Import List is where the products you select are located, before they are imported into your Shopify dropshipping store. (Don’t have a Shopify store? No problem, we’ll get there in a minute!)

Basically, the Import List gives us the possibility to arrange all the details of the products: from the name, to the description, passing through the photos.

The Import List is also where you can manage search engine optimization. Enter any keywords or phrases you think people interested in your product will search for. You also want to make sure you answer any questions people might have in your product descriptions. Look at product descriptions on other websites, and find out if there are common themes that everyone is talking about. It could be weight, length or color, be sure to include everything in your descriptions.

The Import List is also where you can determine which product photos you want in your shop and which ‘variants’. The variants refer to the different sizes and colors of the product, along with the prices. Here you can also decide whether to increase margins or reduce the price of a product.

Either way, you understand what I mean: the Import List is the place where you can arrange the basics of your product pages.

Let’s see how it works:

Step 3: connect Oberlo to Shopify

Whether you already have a Shopify store or are starting from scratch building a dropshipping online store, the next step will be integrating Oberlo with Shopify.

If you are undecided about the name of the shop, don’t worry. You can use Oberlo’s Name Generator or Shopify’s Name Generator to help you come up with ideas.

After starting the free trial with Shopify, we will first view the interior of our Shopify store. Here you can find information on sales, orders and visitors. Of course, at the moment we only have sales, orders and visitors because we have no products. So to get the products, we will make everything we put in our Import List come to our store.

How does it work? The next video will break down all of this, including how to manage Oberlo and Shopify integration settings and how to set prices for your products.

Step 4: give your store the look… of a store

Now that the products are in our archive, we are getting closer and closer to setting up a dropshipping online store. But before you launch our store, make sure it looks exactly the way you want.

To do that, take a look at the different Shopify themes (and get inspired by these successful Shopify stores ).

The theme is like the backbone of your online store: it defines its appearance, operation and user experience.

Shopify has tons of different themes that you can explore. Now, many of these are paid. They cost 180 or 160 dollars. However, these are extremely performing and highly customizable. These are the themes you will need when your shop is up and running.

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