Do you have a website and want to integrate it with a blog? Are you passionate about writing and want to share your passion with others? Whatever your reason for starting a blog, this article will tell you everything you need to know to embark on this journey!

Why start a blog in 2021?

Does it still make sense to start a blog today? With all the websites out there, with all the bloggers and influencers, with all the content we want to read but don’t have the time to … why should starting a blog be a good idea?

I’ll be honest: creating a blog is not a walk in the park!

A medium of this type requires time and dedication, especially in the initial stages, and consistency over time to bring results. It is therefore not a suitable choice for everyone.

But despite the abundance of content available online and the competition on almost any topic, I can assure you: starting a blog, if done with all the trappings, is still today a great idea that can bring you great results

Creating a personal blog: private or professional?

What is a personal blog, you ask yourself? Well, as the name implies, all mobile no list it is a blog linked to your person, and basically it can be of two types: private or professional.

Creating a private blog means having an online space where you talk about yourself, your experiences and your thoughts. A kind of virtual diary (after all, the first blogs born on the web have just this function!). It’s a great way to expose yourself and make yourself known to your readers.

Creating a diary blog is quite simple, but unless you are an astronaut or a prominent personality, or have the ability to masterfully write very polarizing topics, it will likely remain a more or less private area of ​​yours on the web. .

Create a thematic blog: choose your niche

A thematic blog is a blog that publishes articles related to a particular sector or close to a market niche .

You can focus on evergreen content – in practice always current – or you can focus on updating, therefore on news.

Clearly this will require a much more intense research and production work: you will have to be on the piece at all times and not pierce any news.

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