The Internet has completely changed our lives and today it is possible to use the virtual environment not only to have fun, communicate with others and learn new things, but also to work online and earn money.Here in the Rock Content blog we have previously shown 5 examples of online businesses for those who love to write .Yes, it is true: there are many ways to generate income with Bolivia WhatsApp Number List your knowledge in the digital universe (either as a writer or doing other types of work, for example translation, photography, design and web development).However, if you really want to get a job and make yourself known in your niche, you need to have an online portfolio that catches the attention of potential clients and convinces them that you are the ideal person to deliver the solution they need.To help you, we have selected the 5 main steps to have a portfolio that everyone who sees it will love.Take a look at our tips:1. Write a mini biography of your professional lifeIf someone wants to hire your services, the first thing they should know is who you are. Therefore, the number one step to creating a successful online portfolio is to create a good description of yourself.At this time, it is very important to consider personal marketing . You have to present your strengths (but of course: without lying!).Look at some information


that you can include in your mini biography: What work do you do?How many years of experience do you have?In which segment are you an expert ?What distinguishes you from other professionals?What are your academic degrees, diplomas or certificates?For which companies have you already done other jobs?Look at this fictitious example:

“Mariana Rubinstein, professional writer and expert in organic traffic and SEO with a focus on health and fitness. She has been working as an article writer for sites for more than 5 years and has already published posts on the and blogs. She is a nutritionist and graduated from the National University of Colombia. In addition, he has certification in writing for the web and specialization in SEO (60-hour online course completed) “2. Choose a good photoThe photo that you are going to choose to present yourself can have a great impact on the impression that you will convey in your online portfolio.The style of the image that you are going to publish depends a lot on the tone you want to use (more formal or informal, for example), but it is necessary to choose a file that has good quality.Avoid using photos in which other people appear or in which you are in a very personal situation (for example: at a party drinking beer).3. Select the best jobs you have doneAlthough your presentation and your photo are important, the most relevant of an online portfolio are the work you have already done.

If you don’t have much experience yet, you can include everything you have. But if you have already done a lot of work, select the most important ones and the ones that attract the most attention.But remember that what catches the eye of people in an advertising agency may not be what catches the eye of a medical services company.You can organize them by putting the most recent first or in order of relevance.The most important thing here is to show that you are an excellent professional and to prove it with authentic examples from past experiences.

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