Just like your IE page, the blog is also a means of dissemination for Sudan Email List your business, only more complete, because it manages to create connections, disseminate relevant content and answer questions from your potential students.Thus, for these reasons,

a large part of the educational market is present in the online environment. Therefore, if you don’t have a blog yet, be sure to read this post to create one .On the other hand, if your IE already has a blog, we can take the next step and go directly to creating content.This is one of the great challenges that institutions face, since many have no idea how to produce these posts or do not know how to make a published text achieve the desired results.Do you want to learn how they should be done?

Here are some tips for creating good educational content: 1. Understand the model of your contentFirst, we need to understand the differences between academic content, which is the model most used internally by EIs, and performance content , which is the ideal type of content to be disseminated on your blog.The academic content presents the subject being covered very well, but is not concerned with making reading pleasant for the reader or facilitating their understanding.

This type of text is not built thinking of the reader or to solve the doubts they have.A graduation thesis is a good example. It is made according to universal academic rules, it is extensive and difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with the subject or do not belong to the medium.A performance content , as the name implies, needs to show performance, which can be positive or negative. As we want to improve the results of your institution, we need to ensure that the texts produced are attractive, easy to read and understand, relevant and that they arouse interest in other materials on the blog.2.

Meet the person from your institutionPerformance content, in addition to presenting the characteristics cited above, also needs to offer insight to whoever is reading. That is why before writing it is necessary to know if the information you want to convey is according to what the reader is looking for.

For example, a text about specialization courses, such as graduate degrees, are not an interesting topic for a student who has just graduated from high school and is thinking about choosing a career.And for this reason, it is important to meet the people who can become future students of your IE. Discovering their challenges, wishes, and possible interests is essential to creating relevant materials.

And if we add the data obtained with what we already know about current students, it will be possible to create the person of our institution .With her in mind, building more engaging content will be a lot easier!

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