impactful email subjectToo often neglected, the subject of the email is however an essential element of an emailing campaign. Indeed, this is the second piece of information, after the sender, that your Poland B2B Email Lists recipient is aware of. The subject line is what will encourage your targets to open your message and take an interest in the content. And the more relevant the title,

the more the open rate increases. Suffice to say that it is essential to take the time to think about it before launching your campaign. We give you some tips for creating an impactful email subject line.Email subject: make it short!For an email subject, the important thing is to get to the point. First reason: the visible length depends on the mailboxes.

If you opt for a slightly long email subject, all your recipients will not see it.Second reason: limiting the number of words allows you to work on the presentation of your offer in order to make it simple and intelligible. Designing a prospecting email subject will be even easier.We therefore recommend that you formulate an email title of 6 to 7 words , being very careful about the use of the first 2, 3 words. They are the ones that mark the reader’s mind the most.Spam word alert in email subject linesAn emailing campaign that arrives straight into the spam folder of recipients is the fear of any marketing manager. Indeed,

to limit the overload of mailboxes, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and webmails have set up anti-spam filters . These are triggered when a particular word or phrase appears in the subject line of the email. Here are a few examples: Free: “free”, “free access” “gift”, etc.Offers not to be missed: “exceptional offer”, “promotion”, “special offer”, etc.The promises of quick and easy gains: “to earn agent”, “to make money”, “additional income”, etc.Loans: “low interest rates”, “why pay more? “, Etc.These spam-words are therefore absolutely to be avoided in your prospecting emails. Another practice to avoid: excess punctuation, the repetition of the same word or the strong presence of capital letters.A unique email subjectThe customization of the email subject is a technique that immediately draws the recipient’s attention. It can have a very positive impact on your open rate provided it is properly configured.

So take the time to check your customer and prospect database to avoid errors that would discredit your action.Personalization is sometimes even essential in the context of certain campaigns. Consider doing this for your thank you mail items.Read also: What are the keys to successful B2B emailing ?Make you want to know moreA good email subject line should be self-explanatory… without saying too much. The subject of a prospecting email, for example, must be informative enough while making you want to click. How? ‘Or’ What ? Using specific terms . Indeed, if the object is too vague and does not evoke a particular subject, there is little chance that it will capture the attention of the Internet user. The interrogative form also makes it possible to challenge the target on a specific need. Think about it for your newsletters :

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