Digital marketing strategies are in constant progress and for your company to grow alongside them, you must know in depth those that will allow you to obtain the best results.The content marketing or content marketing will be one of your greatest allies in the evolution of your industry.For this reason, in this article you will find in detail how a good content plan will allow you to continue driving the numbers constantly in your digital marketing strategy.What is content marketing?To refresh your memory a bit, let’s define content marketing as a strategy focused on creating and distributing relevant and consistent content to retain your previously defined audience.How to get leads through content?The first thing to know is that, according to Estonia Phone Number List HubSpot, 86% of successful organizations have someone directing their content strategies.grow with content marketingIf you make an effective content plan and are consistent, it will be much easier to achieve an effective return on investment based on your content efforts.More than 66% of the companies that publish on their blog on a weekly basis generate more leads and sales from that channel.60% of companies that work with content get more qualified leads.Companies that share the content of their blogs on social networks increase their chances of conversion and sales closings up to 70%.Carrying out effective campaigns with Facebook Ads in which you promote your content helps increase the increase in leads by up to 80%.As you can see, the realization of content will help you grow your business with firm steps.

effective content planWhat is the first step of a content strategy?Now that we are clear about what content marketing is, it is time to take the first step so that our company begins to grow through it.

The first thing you should be extremely clear about is:1. Who are you creating the content for?When you know in depth who your buyer persona is , you can clearly identify what type of content they need and in this way attack their pains, doubts, problems, needs and even their greatest aspirations.2. At what stage of the buyer’s journey are you?Knowing your buyer persona will allow you to categorize each of the stages that they go through awareness, consideration or decision and in this way you will be able to address specific issues for each of the paths that your buyer travels and promote profitable action of the customers.

The Customer Journey is one of the pillars of any Inbound Marketing strategy .3. What solution can you offer?When you have identified the stage your buyer is in, you will be able to offer him the solution that suits his needs.

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