It is important that you know your client well at all times, however, there are Portuguese Timor Email Lists times when you will often need to know more about them.

Before creating your business plan, it is essential to do a market study . It is necessary to survey some consumers who will better guide your decisions.

When launching a new product or making a major change , it is also useful to better understand your customer so that your actions have a greater chance of success.Regardless of the objectives you have to interview your clients, it is necessary to consider some recommendations: 1.

Prepare your questionnaireBefore starting to prepare your questionnaire, you must take into account what your objectives are . Based on them you must create it, you must know the answers that will give you a better orientation.

Avoid questions that answer yes or no. You need to look for foundations and  or arguments , therefore, this type of simple answers will not be useful to you.Ask questions that start with how, where, when, why, etc.

You can also start phrases like tell me, explain me, among others. In this way you invite the interviewee to expand and give you more details.It looks simple, but beware! You should not ask questions that condition their answers. Remember that the client is there for you to learn from him and not for a better brand image .2.

Define where you are going to interview your clientIn some cases it can be easy to do a face- to- face interview to get the information you need. However, it is not always possible.In that case, don’t worry, an online interview can be much more feasible and can bring you the same results, as long as you do it with a webcam. Since this way you can also analyze their physical language.

As much as an online interview is much easier, many of your clients may feel reluctant to the idea.To facilitate their collaboration, it is important that you explain the reason for the interview. Knowing that in the long term it will be to improve the service or the product or that you will better serve their needs, they will be more inclined to help you.

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