It is a study technique that has been applied since the 1960s and its main objective is that, not only are the topics to be studied to be memorized, but also actively work in order to understand the concepts and have the ability to analyze them.But in addition to helping to study better, concept maps are also used as a creative tool that could help you in content production , product development, business management, and much more.Creating a New Zealand Phone Number List concept map is simple, but you must take into account some aspects. That is why today I want to talk to you about five steps you must follow to achieve it without difficulty.How to make a creative and efficient concept map?To create a concept map that is effective, dynamic and intuitive, it is important to take into account some basic elements.1. Select the topicThe first thing you should do is choose the topic on which you want to make your concept map.



This will help you to separate main ideas from secondary ideas, or to better rank the content that you are going to develop throughout your map.2. Collect all the necessary informationThe research and data collection process is critical. Everything you can read is important so that you can define the key concepts that you will use in your concept map.

Take into account that by doing this research exercise you are already acquiring knowledge that will be useful to you.Go to all the necessary tools, consult books and rely on internet search engines to find truthful and specific information. Even if it is a personal project, to generate content or advertising campaigns , this second step is super valuable.3. Process the information and filter only what is necessaryOnce you have collected all the data you need to develop your theme, then it is time to opt for a few things and prioritize what is really important and that will add value to your work.

For example, if the topic you chose is about how to take care of your dental health, then you should select as a general idea something that is directly related to the health of your mouth.The next one would be to list some practices that could help you improve, and from then on move from the most basic to the most specific.When you manage to process all the collected data, then you put your synthesis capacity into practice, keeping the most essential of your research. Moment in which it is opportune to brainstorm and give shape to all this information.4. Order and connect the conceptsAt this point and having completed the previous steps, you can begin to establish the connections of each of the concepts that you left on your list.

You should know that, even having done your hierarchy filter, it is possible that some concepts will not finally be included in your concept map.The first box that you have to fill is the one with the title. Surely this should be the most important concept and when you have it you can begin to connect, according to your hierarchy list with the most important concepts and the relationship between each of them.5. Review and refine detailsWhen you have finished creating your map, it is worth doing a final review step, allowing you to refine details.Remember that the concepts you

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