If you want to find international information with greater certainty and effectiveness, you must know different techniques immersed in the configuration of the Google search engine, and more!Valentina GiraldoJun 2, 19 | 5 min readWe can configure Vietnam Phone Number List depending on the universal search that we are going to carry out, for example, if we want to search for information from Chile and we are in Venezuela.In this way, it allows us to carry out infallible research on a specific international topic, helping us to create quality content.This is why the need arises to teach you how to search internationally

with Google and the best methods.Enjoy reading!Filter your search criteriaFiltering as much information as possible makes us obtain more accurate search criteria.If we are in other countries and we do not configure Google searches , we will compromise the search result, since,

if we try to search for a data from Colombia and we are in Mexico, the search engine will first try to search the pages of the country where we are .To avoid this, you must follow the following instructions:# 1 You must enter the Google search page of your country. Know the Google domain that takes you to each country, here .# 2 Enter settings (or privacy, there are regions where it varies), then search settings  current region settings (the country where you want to direct the search)  once SAVE is selected .

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