Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. Shopify is an official partner, and this allows those who have an ecommerce like you to sell their products on Amazon with ease.


You can then leverage it as an additional sales channel, in addition to your shop on Shopify , to increase your revenue.

In this article, you will find out how to sell on Amazon as a private individual, and why you should add your products to this platform. Plus, you’ll learn a few tricks for maximizing sales, and debunk various myths about how it works and how much it costs to sell on Amazon.

What are you waiting for then? Let’s get started right away.

Before selling on Amazon, is it worth doing?

It is a legitimate question to ask before delving into this topic. In our opinion, if you can afford to support Amazon’s tariffs, the answer is yes, for several reasons.

1. It is the main channel for online sales

Amazon is the main channel for the online sale of products of all kinds. With over 300 million active users and 50 million Prime subscribers, it is a veritable superpower.

With such a large customer base and number of products – it offers over 30 million items – it’s no surprise that Amazon is the first go-to platform for shoppers when it comes to finding what they’re looking for.

But don’t be put off by the amount of competition you might find. It’s always mobile directory australia a good idea to be present where your customers are. Don’t let your competitors grab all your potential sales!

Selling on Amazon for free is not possible, indeed, as we will see, the commissions are quite high and for this reason it is not suitable for all products, but it is certainly an interesting showcase for those who have an ecommerce , and brings undeniable advantages to those who know how to exploit it.


2. Additional source of income

The main reason why you should consider selling on Amazon and opening your own store is that you would have access to an additional stream of income . As we said, go where your target is.

If they are on Facebook, create ads on Facebook . If your customers love to read and discover information about your niche online, create a blog so they can find you easily.

By starting to sell on this platform, you will increase the likelihood of being found by new buyers, as well as your sales volume and turnover.

3. Reliable brand

Amazon is a recognized and trusted brand: it was founded in 1994, so it has over 25 years of experience in building relationships and building trust in its customers.

If your store isn’t as recognized because it’s relatively new, customers may feel safer buying your products from Amazon than doing it directly from your ecommerce.

Indeed, using this platform to sell you can more easily build a reputation and build trust in your brand. In addition, you will also be able to reach those customers who are a little more risk averse.

Over time and with effective loyalty strategies, those who are constantly buying from you will eventually be able to start doing so right from your store.

4. Lots of people already have accounts

As mentioned above, Amazon has millions of active users.

In the United States, 45% of households have a Prime account. The average user spends an average of $ 1400 per year on this platform alone. So, looking at the overall ecommerce stats , it’s evident that it has a huge market share in the industry.

Those with a Prime account will likely search Amazon for the items they want first, as it has special benefits as a member.

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