The world, and the web in particular, is literally exploding with photographic content. Never in history has there been so much abundance of this media … but also so much demand!


Just think that about 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day . And also thanks to social networks like this one. For instance, in which images are the heart of the platform. This number is only increasing. Worse because there is so much competition, often free.

All this attention has led the world of photography to adapt to the changes dictated by the times. And here in the last decade platforms have been born to sell online photos of all kinds. Or as you will see shortly, you can also create your own website where you can sell your photos directly.

So with this article I want to answer the fundamental questions that you have probably asked yourself, namely. How to sell photos online? But above all, is it worth doing it?

Why sell photographs online

Passive income

Selling photos online allows you to have a passive income , or a semi-automated income.

Let me explain, let’s say that a user arrives on your site and is interested in buying a photo digitally. If you have a platform that allows you to do this. For instance, the user can buy it directly with a few clicks.

As you can see, this system is almost completely automated, and once you have the sales ecosystem in place, you will not have to do anything more to sell the product apart from marketing, since it thinks about is there a mobile phone directory in australia making the whole site or platform on the which you uploaded the photos.

Monetize your photographs


Obviously one of the best aspects of selling photographs online is being able to monetize your passion for photography. In fact, for a photographer there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a photo of one’s own purchased and published in a newspaper or used for an advertisement, or perhaps hanging in someone’s room.

Of course not all that glitters is gold, in fact there are also obstacles to keep in mind when you want to sell your photos online.

Disadvantages of selling photos

Lots of competition


Whether you decide to sell your photos on a stocking site or on your personal site, you need to know that there is a lot of competition: the hardest thing will certainly not be uploading the photo to the platform, but being able to attract the attention of potential customers to your works.

Limited earnings


It is true that there are photographers who manage to sell their photos for thousands and thousands of euros, but usually only those who have a name and an international level of prestige succeed. So, if you are a beginner, it is likely that to be able to sell your photos you will have to adjust to market prices: they are certainly not very high, but still better than nothing.

The gains will therefore not be on quality but on quantity: if you can consistently attract traffic to a large number of photos, and make them meet the needs of customers, you could take home a decent nest egg!

Where to sell photographs online?


There are various solutions to sell photos online, among the most used are stocking sites or your personal site, and then obviously social networks cannot be missing. Below I will show you the characteristics of each of these mechanisms.

Selling photos via stocking sites

Stocking sites are nothing more than marketplaces that allow the meeting between supply and demand for photos and videos, where in a few minutes you can upload and sell your works to an audience of millions of subscribers, mostly companies. Among the most famous sites we find:

The advantage of these platforms is that they are easy to use, in fact just create a profile and in a few clicks you are ready to upload your photos.

But the main problem with selling photos online on stocking sites is that there is a lot of competition, in fact thousands of photos are uploaded every day.

This is why it is important not only to be able to take quality photos to stand out, but also to take the type of photos that are most successful on these sites, that is, images for commercial purposes.

The second aspect is that the photos are usually pay very little. For instance, from a few cents up to a few euros.

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