The About page is absolutely essential to an ecommerce site yet it is often overlooked or seen as a superfluous element. If you want to make the most of this section, we’ve gathered a list of examples and useful tips to put into practice to create an effective about us page. 

The About page is seen by many as a cumbersome burden: you can’t have a site without the infamous About section! You spend endless hours trying to condense the essence of your brand into a text of a few lines and then end up with an impersonal product that does everything but convey the corporate identity. 

The About Us page is the heart of your branding. It allows you to shout out to the world who you are, what are the thoughts and motivations behind the work of your business. In other words, it is an opportunity to stand out and get noticed in the midst of the competition . 

What is the About Us page and what is it for? 

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The About page , also known as About or About us , is a space within your website reserved for communicating your corporate identity. Here is some information an About Us page may contain: 

  • The products or services you offer;
  • How did you start the business;
  • Your vision ;
  • Your goals;
  • What’s in the future of your company

The About us page is the perfect opportunity to do storytelling and tell your (or potential) customers your story.

What to write on a Who are we? Page 

Contrary to what happens with legal pages – such as policies – cell phone number lists usa which nowadays can be automatically generated with online tools, creating an About page for your business takes time and creativity. This is because it is as if it were your business card and, if it is true that the first impression is what matters, you cannot miss the opportunity to win over new users. 

Here is a detailed list with all the contents that cannot be missing in an About page. 

1. Vision mission

The trap to avoid in this section is to only talk about yourself, your brand, your project, etc. You have to try to focus on the most important thing: your customers and your target . How can your brand meet the needs of your audience? What are your main services? What is your mission? Try to transmit your values ​​and, above all, the culture: the DNA from which your company was born.

2. The story

Take your site visitors on a journey through the history of your company and its most important milestones. You can tell how your adventure began and everything that has happened since day zero. 

Take on the story as an opportunity to show not only the highlights that have marked your brand but also the results you have achieved day after day. Use an engaging tone to grab readers’ attention. 

At the design level, many choose to give the history section the style of a timeline – a way to put in order at a glance the most important dates since founding. 

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