Are you looking for marketing automation software for your business, but you are lost among all the available on the market? We offer you a comparison between two recognized tools. On the one hand, Hubspot, an American publisher, one of the big names in Portugal Email Lists the market. On the other, Plezi, its main French competitor, aimed particularly at startups and SMEs. We took into account 4 main criteria: user experience, functionalities, integration of external tools and prices. At the end of this article, you will be able to determine the solution that best meets your needs.Interface:

an optimal user experience for better performance Plezi: a clear and intuitive interface With very regular updates, Plezi is, for us, THE software offering the best user experience. With its sleek design, modern colors and the clarity of its interface , you can feel the care taken in ergonomics. This makes it a pleasant tool to learn and easy to automation white paperHubspot:

a complete and simple interface Hubspot offers very good ergonomics as well as a quick and easy handling. It thus makes it possible to quickly set up campaigns . Although very comprehensive, some aspects of the solution are a little less intuitive, in particular the management of contacts and their information. Nevertheless, the free version of Hubspot, although limited, allows you to familiarize yourself with the user interface.Ultra comprehensive featuresHubspot: the most complete offer in marketing automation Hubspot, market leader, offers a very large choice of functionalities. It is divided into 4 solutions: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Services Hub and CMS Hub. For marketing automation , the Marketing Hub solution offers the most suitable features: Scheduling of messages on social networks, Real-time SEO optimizationForm editor,Call to Action and banner,Mail sendingWorkflow,Segmentation,

Content and blogging article creation tools …The + The -● The most comprehensive tool on the market: CMS, Blog, CRM, marketing automation tool , etc.● Extensive campaign personalization ● Ultra-precise campaign dashboards to analyze ROI ● Free version for testing contact management and social media advertising.● The integrated blog solution which creates a dependency on Hubspot. It also appears in a subdomain, which creates additional difficulty for SEO.● A complete solution that can be difficult to learn, in particular for small teams with little digitalization.● The price. Many features are optional and the bill can quickly climb.● Uneven customer support reserved for paying customers.Do you want to be supported in the choice and implementation of your marketing automation solution?PleziThe French publisher Plezi offers all the features you will need to implement Inbound Marketing: Content management (segment, centralize, analyze), E-mailing,Smart campaigns,Dynamic and intelligent forms,Landing page creation,Social media management,Sponsored links,Call to Action,Lead management,

Automated newsletter,CRM integration,Custom workflows, etc.The real plus of Plezi over Hubspot in terms of functionality comes from Smart Campaigns.Indeed Plezi started from the observation that the implementation of personalized scenarios / workflows could very quickly become a complete gas plant and be very complicated to maintain over time. And in fact, these workflows were ultimately little or badly exploited by marketers.Plezi’s smart campaigns make it possible to set up lead nurturing in just a few clicks . The tool’s AI will determine itself, based on the data available on the prospect and his scoring, which are the best content to send him

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