Have you been through this situation? Have you graduated or are you close to completing your studies?Vocational training is something that you can complement with your work, but sometimes the  South Sudan Email List opposite happens, and some professionals end up complementing their training through work.What I mean by this? that it is normal to see Engineers doing journalistic work, or economists working for health companies. In one way or another, work experience is what will help you shape your career and the direction you want to take it.

My idea with this post is not to give you a magic formula, much less reinvent the wheel, what I want is to give you a north and take into account some of the things you can do to find a job after college .Take time to prepareThere are several aspects that you must define and what you must work on before going out to look for a job. These actions will serve as a complement to find work. Ultimately, how prepared you feel will be decisive in landing the job of your choice.How well do you know yourself?When looking for a job, you can come to question yourself a lot, and not just about your abilities, but about the taste you take for that first job you get. It is human to err in that choice, because no one is capable of affirming that your first job will be the only one for life.How to evaluate yourself and your environment? A SWOT analysis can give you an ideal general idea about your weaknesses and strengths that you can work on, and also the opportunities and threats that the environment has to be able to get ahead in the task of finding a job.Work in your real image and onlineCurrently, social networks are also a letter of introduction to the job market.

Your activity there reflects both your type of thoughts and your interests. Rethink yourself if that is really the image you want to project and also the type of information you consume.There are groups and pages that are dedicated to publishing job offers, there may be your first contact with a person or company that wants to hire you.Ask yourself what you are willing to start

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