The Ideal Client Profile (ICP) refers to the profile of clients who have the characteristics and the right problem to be solved, in a satisfactory way, by New Caledonia Email List  the solution that your company offers. Represents a profile of an account,


that is more than a mere buyer, a decision maker of the acquisitions of a company or an end user.Rafael CorsinoSep 23, 19 | 12 min readdefine ideal customerAll customers should be treated with the same quality, right? Sure, but only after they are converted. Before that, those considered to be the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) or “ideal customer profile” can take priority in the attention of the sales team.The reason is as follows:

generating leads , as we call potential customers, every day is more automated and benefit from solutions that help qualify.Companies are therefore creating larger lists of qualified leads that, to varying degrees, are more or less aligned with their product spreads and business values .So why not “choose” to work first with the ones your company would like to help, and who, at the same time, have the best chance of success?This is a way of looking at the use of ICP,

since it not only identifies opportunities that require less sales effort, but also allows you to evaluate which ones have a better chance of being loyal .It is like seeing the fish in the river when we want to fish. However, some want to enter the ship without even having a lure to attract them. It is the perfect combination between the company’s product or service with the client and their needs and purchasing potential.

The question that arises is: can my business find better opportunities among the leads it generates? The answer is yes and, in this content, we will show you how to find the ideal customer profile and how you can use it in your Marketing and sales strategies .

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