It is not surprising that a giant like Instagram is always at the forefront when it comes to new fashions and trends, and even in the case of videos it offers us an innovative solution that is different from all the others: IGTV.


We know that videos are now a fundamental means of communication for any brand, and this data is confirmed by the statistics on video marketing . Instagram has therefore seen fit not to limit its users to the short videos already present – and already extremely successful – within the platform, and to offer them a new tool with which to share longer and more complex videos with their followers. But what makes IGTV so appealing to social media users, and how can you use it to promote your brand?

What is IGTV on Instagram 

IGTV is an app that can be used independently or within Instagram. In practice, this is Instagram’s answer to YouTube, with the particularity of the video format optimized for playback from mobile devices.

The format is in fact similar to that of the stories, that is reproduced vertically email list for sale australia occupying the entire screen of your smartphone, but unlike Instagram stories , IGTV videos can last up to an hour and can possibly be collected in Channels.

Not only that, IGTV also offers the possibility to pause videos, exit the app and resume viewing at a later time. In short, it seems that it meets all the requirements of the increasingly demanding web users. But why should you care?


Why open an IGTV channel on Instagram

Today, more than ever, it is essential to be present on the main means of communication, and with the incredible speed at which social media (and the web in general) is advancing, falling behind a few months will make you feel literally out of this world.

On top of that, if you have a business you will always be looking for new ways to interact with your audience. So why not post interesting and original content right where your target market spends most of its time?

So let’s see how IGTV works on Instagram, and how you can use it to increase the reach of your brand.

Instagram IGTV: how it works

IGTV is an extremely intuitive tool, and you will see that by the end of this guide you will have not only fully understood how IGTV works, but you will be looking forward to starting uploading your first videos.

How to activate IGTV on Instagram

To activate IGTV on Instagram you can follow two ways:

  • Download the IGTV app, available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Log into your Instagram profile and choose a video to upload to IGTV

That’s all! As you can see, in reality it is simply a matter of having an Instagram profile, and logging into this service is a breeze.

Upload your first IGTV video

And if activating IGTV on Instagram seemed simple to you. Moreover, uploading your first IGTV video will be a piece of cake.

When Instagram launched IGTV, in order to upload videos, it was necessary to create a channel. Today, however, you just need to activate the app to be able to start uploading your content.

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