I don’t know if you realized it, but practically all marketers have already accepted that we are entering the age of video.Does this mean that the text content will lose relevance? No, we really are a long way from that. But the fact is, more and more consumers are looking for videos to discover and even make purchasing decisions.According to a survey conducted by E-tailing Group and Invodo and commented on by Smart Insights , 78% of people expect to find videos on product sales pages and 71% want to see more details about the product in this media format.Without a doubt, videos have a place of honor in Digital Marketing campaigns and content strategies, so we can Ghana Phone Number List value them as a trend instead of a simple fad.So mastering the world’s leading video publishing, searching and consuming channel is critical. Of course, we are talking about YouTube!To do this, it is not enough to know how to use the basic tools of this “giant” of the Internet.It is also important to learn how to interpret data and metrics in YouTube Analytics , using this information to your advantage to learn about your audience, generate more leads and, consequently, sales.How about becoming a YouTube Analytics specialist and outperforming your competitors’ videos? Did you like the idea? So, keep reading this article!What is YouTube Analytics?YouTube Analytics is YouTube’s own tool

that allows you to monitor the performance of your videos and your channel in general.The YouTube Analytics platform has up-to-date metrics and reports, displaying a wide range of data related to your account, such as reports on traffic sources, demographics, and watch time.Why use YouTube Analytics?Of course, a Digital Marketing strategy goes beyond numbers. However, if you are posting and sharing videos as part of your job, you need to be aware of a few points, such as: Who is watching your brand videos ?What types of content generate the most engagement?

How long, on average, do people watch your videos?Are they too long or can you explore the topics further?When you use YouTube Analytics, it is much easier to answer these and other questions. And this is essential.After all, building a successful YouTube channel requires understanding your audience and how they relate to your content . That’s where YouTube Analytics comes in.With YouTube Analytics you can discover a lot of information about the people who enter your channel and watch your videos, specifically data such as who they are, their gender, age, what they like and what type of content you should create.

All this will help you improve your general strategy and allow you to create increasingly precise content.How do the metrics work?Once you’ve created quality , SEO- optimized videos , it’s important to use YouTube Analytics to monitor your channel’s progress. This tool can tell you a lot about your audience and what content you should keep creating to be increasingly successful.To facilitate the evaluation of the metrics, you can consider them as two large groups of data: Content consumption metricsThey show how (and how much) your videos are being consumed. Here are the view and retention metrics.

This data is important to evaluate what is your best content and what is the ideal length of the videos, among other things.Propagation metricsThey allow you to find out the volume and level of participation of the published materials, which is essential to ensure that your message spreads across the Internet. This includes metrics such as shares, comments, channel subscriptions, and likes.How to use YouTube Analytics? The complete step by stepWell, the time has come to understand, step by step, how to use YouTube Analytics. Let’s go?1. Enter your YouTube channelFor that you just have to log in to your Google account and then do the same on YouTube.

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